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Meeting — June 28, 2016   
President George W. bush library & Museum tour
and Luncheon
Social 11:00 AM - Lunch 11:30 AM Followed by Tour

Update!  We have been granted special access to The Situation Room which is rarely open to the public.  This will be one of the many highlights while visiting the library. 


The Situation Room which, contrary to popular belief, is actually a group of rooms and is a White House institution that dates to the aftermath of the failed Bay of Pigs invasion into Cuba in 1961.


Alan Lowe, director of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, will meet with us and a library docent will talk about the Situation Room that's been rebuilt inside the Bush Center in Dallas. The situation room was renovated in 2006 and the old walls and furniture were stored for future use in the George W. Bush Library.

The June luncheon will be held at the George W. Bush Library and Museum. The meeting will include a box lunch, a special presentation and viewing of the actual situation room used by President Bush, an overview of the Library from the Museum Director, Alan Lowe. The lunch and program will be followed by a guided tour of the museum’s permanent and special exhibits. The permanent collection includes exhibits about how growing up in West Texas, family and faith influenced the principles used to guide his Presidency. You will learn about the hotly contested 2000 election and the domestic agenda set out in President Bush’s first term. You will then face The Day of Fire – September 11, 2001 – and learn about how it turned the direction of the Bush administration and the country to a war time agenda.

You will learn about lesser known initiatives of the Bush administration such as the freedom agenda, the President’s Emergency Relief Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), conservation efforts, and volunteerism. You will get to visit a full scale replica of the Bush oval office, learn about history of the oval office, and get your picture taken sitting at the Resolute Desk. You will get to “play President” by making decisions about critical issues in Decision Points Theater. All this and a lot more!

In the special exhibit, Path to the Presidency, you will learn about what it takes to run for president. Throw your hat into the ring, crate a campaign slogan, establish a platform, campaign for office, and practice your acceptance speech – you get to do it all! See the results of every presidential election from George Washington to Barack Obama and view campaign artifacts both whimsical (Ronald and Nancy Reagan slippers) to serious (George Washington’s letter declining to run for office in 1800). Relax in the 1960 living room and watch campaign ads (I Like Ike) and presidential debates (Kennedy versus Nixon and Bush versus Gore). Finally, cast your vote in one of the 4 election booths.

Parking is available in the museum parking lot. Cost is $5 for the first hour and $0.75 for each additional half hour. Additional parking is available on the SMU campus. Free parking is available at the Mockingbird DART station located about one mile from the museum. Free shuttle bus service between the Mockingbird DART station and the Bush Museum and Library. Shuttle busses run every 15 minutes. In addition, parking is available directly across from the library.   

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